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Cataract Surgery Today

Cataract Surgery Today

Cataract surgery performed today is a whole lot different than what was done even 5 yrs ago. We have the ability to remove a cataract (cloudy lens in the eye) with high precision through a self‐healing incision less than 3mm in diameter. Patients are back to full use of their eyes within 24 hrs and can begin light exercise at 24 hrs and full exercise such as running, golf, tennis at a week after surgery. 

When the cataract is removed, a foldable replacement intraocular lens can be used to correct astigmatism and/or provide vision at multiple focal points (multifocal intraocular lens implant). The intraocular lens technology today can provide a level of contact lens and spectacle independence that is truly remarkable. Many of our patients after surgery are glasses free for many or all focal points.

Dr. John Baldinger MD at Capital Eye Consultants is the busiest cataract surgeon in the Washington DC area performing about 1500 cataracts yearly. His complication rate performing this surgery is 70% less than the national average . Experience does make a difference!!